The Sheldon Group

Quantum Financial


Quantum Financial is a financial services consulting firm. Our expert advisers coordinate with The Quantum Group’s tax practitioners to provide an unparalleled level of tax advisory in the industry.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is held in high esteem in terms of its ability to be tax-free under Canadian law. This provides companies and individuals with many opportunities to mitigate taxation through tax planning. This involves direct coordination with tax practitioners to provide a tax planning solution that meshes existing corporate structures and avoiding new tax issues for clients. The Quantum Group’s multi-disciplinary approach allows us to offer an unparalleled level of expertise in the financial services industry.


High rates of taxation for passive investments can often be mitigated through tax planning. It is equally important for investments to be placed in the correct place in a corporate structure and to have the correct tax status of a company as it is choosing the right investment product. Our team of financial service advisers and tax practitioners provide industry leading investment solutions.